Monday, April 11, 2016

Find Us Here: Sparrow Collective in Milwaukee, WI

Sparrow Collective stands out among specialty shops and gift boutiques for their extensive support and promotion of the handmade community. You'll be hard-pressed to find another store with such a wide selection of handmade goods. What's more, their in-depth craft classes show a commitment to help fellow artisans grow.

Image of Sparrow Collective in Milwaukee, WI

Located in Milwaukee, WI, Sparrow Collective is not lacking in Midwest pride. They opened in 2009 as a place to feature local artists. Coupled with their community involvement, events, gallery nights and workshops, Sparrow Collective has created a strong sense of place within their shop.

Image of Sparrow Collective in Milwaukee, WI

Of course, they also carry handmade wares from all corners of the US. With their extensive selection of jewelry, clothing, home goods and accessories, you're sure to find something for everyone - including yourself!
Sparrow Collective started carrying some of our best selling Wild Man beard care products back in 2014. They've recently added our botanical lip balms to the shop as well!
It's rare to find a shop so committed to the advancement of the handmade economy. We're honored to be included in Sparrow Collective's impressive collection of handmade artisans!
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