Friday, May 30, 2014

New Moon Menstrual Massage Balm with Roman Chamomile and Sage

New Moon Menstrual Massage

Introducing New Moon - a soothing botanical balm for menstrual massage. New Moon is formulated with an herbaceous blend of Sweet Marjoram, Cypress and Sage spiced with Fresh Ginger Root to stimulate circulation and add warmth. We finish with mellow Roman Chamomile and a little Rose Geranium, ideal for easing tense muscles. New Moon's comforting aroma is a soft floral / herbal mix with very subtle spice.

New Moon contains essential oils that are not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Massage sparingly into the lower back and abdomen as needed to ease menstrual discomfort. We recommend using this massage balm in combination with a heat pad for best results. Can also be used to massage any stiff or sore muscles, especially the neck and back.

New Moon Menstrual Massage

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bloom Muscle Rub with Arnica & Rose

Bloom Muscle Rub

We're excited to share with your our newest addition - Bloom Gentle Muscle Rub! Potent Arnica and soothing Rose are infused in hydrating Organic Coconut Oil and Pacific Northwest Beeswax for maximum absorption. Enhanced with precious essential oils of Cardamom, German Chamomile, Rose Geranium and Helichrysum for a gently penetrating muscle rub. Bloom's aroma is complexly floral and sweet with the subtle spice of cardamom.

Bloom is designed to be well tolerated and gentle on sensitive skin. This means that the power of this balm is not necessarily felt on the skin, but deep in the muscles hours after application. A good arnica balm is essential for the herbal medicine chest, and we've worked hard to bring you the best formula possible!

Monday, May 12, 2014

New Wild Man Beard Cream Scents!

Our best-selling Wild Man Beard Cream is now available in all four traditional scents, plus an unscented version! Wild Man Beard Cream is a deep-conditioning beard balm ideal for moisturizing and softening the driest, scratchiest beards. Our long lasting formula of Organic Coconut Oil and Pacific Northwest Beeswax allows light styling, leaving your beard soft and non-greasy. Particularly recommended for those with dry skin/hair (characterized by an itchy, flaky and unruly beard) or those living in dry or extreme climates. Our unique, therapeutic-grade essential oil blends naturally condition hair and act as an aromatherapy aid with a subtle, beard-appropriate scent.

Choose your favorite scent in either small, .85oz jars or large 4oz jars!

THE ORIGINAL: Woodsy, herbaceous and slightly sweet, without overpowering your senses. Our first, and still our most popular choice. 

RAVEN: Reminiscent of the damp and diverse forests found in the Pacific Northwest. It's earthy, woodsy and cool with a subtle spice that is hard to place. 

TUNDRA: A cooling blend of Oregon-grown Peppermint and refreshing Lemon mellowed with exotic and warm Peru Balsam. 

COVE: Sweet cold-pressed Lime toned down with grounding Sage and spiked with Tea Tree. Fresh, yet relaxing. 

THE NIHILIST: Totally unscented, nothingness at its best! If you're buying for someone with notoriously sensitive skin or sense of smell, we recommend this unscented option.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Trial Size Wild Man Beard Oil Conditioner Sample Packs

Wild Man Beard Conditioner Sample Pack

We understand that picking scents over the internet is risky, so we now offer a trial size sampler pack of our four traditional Wild Man Beard Conditioner scents! This sweet little set contains 3.7 ml // 1 dram dropper vials of The Original, Raven, Tundra and Cove in an unbleached cotton drawstring bag. That's enough for 1-2 weeks of daily use for each scent (1-2 months total use per pack) - plenty of time to pick your favorite scent!

Wild Man Beard Conditioner is a highly absorbent, moisturizing and lightweight oil ideal for the daily maintenance of the skin and beard. Perfect for all skin and hair types, this oil mimics your skin's natural moisturizers, absorbs quickly, strengthens hair and leaves your beard with a subtle shine and soft feel. Our unique therapeutic grade essential oil blends naturally condition hair and act as an aromatherapy aid with a subtle, beard-appropriate scent. Each Wild Rose product is ethically crafted from the finest natural ingredients available.

Thursday, May 1, 2014