Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Winter Solstice from Wild Rose!


Wishing you a peaceful Winter Solstice (or Summer Solstice for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere) from all of us at Wild Rose! We'd like to express our gratitude for your support this holiday season - we're honored to be part of your family's celebration. May this Solstice bring you much joy as we look forward to the New Year!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

LAST CHANCE SALE! Save 20% through 12/14

Save 20% on everything with code HOLLY2015 at checkout plus FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $100! Order by December 16th for Holiday delivery within the US*

Last Chance Sale!

Coupon not valid on wholesale orders or gift certificate purchases.

*Orders placed by December 16th will ship before USPS's cutoff date for holiday delivery. Delivery is not guaranteed and we are not responsible for delivery delays caused by USPS. We encourage shoppers to order as early as possible.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Find Us Here: Cambridge Naturals in Cambridge, MA

From Cambridge Naturals' Facebook

Independently owned and operated natural health stores are invaluable to local communities - especially when they have served those communities for over 40 years! Cambridge Naturals in Cambridge, Massachusetts is a shining example of a community-centric small business with steadfast ethics, service and a passion for natural health.

Photo via Cambridge Naturals

Founded in 1974 by Michael Kanter and Elizabeth Stagl, Cambridge Naturals is built on a strong ethical foundation that we at Wild Rose admire greatly:

Our mission is to provide the best choices in nutritional supplements for health and wellness, clean body care products and organic foods. We are committed to sourcing products locally, organically, and ethically via fair trade and direct trade channels, and to donating a portion of our profits to social and environmental organizations that impact our community. As part of our vision for a more just, equitable and sustainable world, we strive to partner with businesses owned by women and underserved individuals. We offer a wide assortment of high quality vitamins, herbs, body care, books and yoga supplies, along with a curated selection of organic, fairly traded, local and unique groceries, just for you! - Cambridge Naturals

It is inspiring to see such uncompromising values in a long-standing small business. We are thrilled to be included on the shelves of Cambridge Naturals knowing that we share such a similar vision. Their success proves that alternative business models are not only in demand, but a necessary and viable option for our culture's transition into a more sustainable future.

From Cambridge Naturals on Instagram

Cambridge Naturals has been carrying Wild Rose lip balms, salves, aromatherapy sprays and Wild Man beard care since June. Their knowledgeable staff, extensive selection and beautifully organized store provide an ideal environment to pick your new favorite natural body care products. Their staff's love for natural health and wellness shines through in every aspect of their business. Cambridge Naturals even offers curated gift sets available on there website for direct shipment to yourself or a loved one. If you're a Cambridge local, or if you're passing through, be sure to shop at this amazing small business and save on shipping costs, too!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Indigenous Peoples' Day Benefit for The Confederated Tribes of the Lower Rogue

Image by NACDI

Wild Rose is honoring Indigenous Peoples' Day by donating all of our retail revenue from this day, October 12th, to The Confederated Tribes of the Lower Rogue (CTLR). As an added bonus, take 10% off your order with code SUPPORTCTLR through midnight tonight!

Wild Rose is operated on a small parcel of land on occupied Lower Takelma Territory, one of the tribes represented by CTLR.
"The Confederated Tribes of the Lower Rogue (CTLR) encompasses the Chetco, Tututni, Shasta Costa and Takelma Tribes of Indians that became a community after the Rogue River War of 1856 along the southwest coast of Oregon primarily in Curry County. We are in the process of restoring the status of our sovereignty that we previously held with the United States. A political status we long held before being terminated along with 60 other tribes in Oregon by the devastating August 13,1954 Termination Act."  - CTLR
Our local history is scarred by the brutal Rogue River Indian Wars - a calculated plan by the US Military to exterminate or remove all Indigenous Peoples living in the gold-filled valleys of Southern Oregon. Survivors were forcibly marched to the Siletz/Grand Ronde Reservation 200 miles away.
"The US troops performed numerous “sweeps” through our aboriginal lands looking for escapees, many did not survive. Our ancestors either did not go to the reservation or escaped after such a short time they were never counted and returned to our aboriginal homeland to find refuge up the Rogue and Chetco Rivers where they remain today." - CTLR
Despite these attempts to erase their culture, The Confederated Tribes of the Lower Rogue was established in 1996 by the descendants of these incredible survivors. Now CTLR is working towards restoring their status of federal recognition.
"Federal recognition affords Tribes rights guarantied under Treaties with the United States. Curry County is currently considered a distressed county, with a 13% poverty rate and an 11% unemployment rate and with average population over 50 years old. The Confederated Tribes of the Lower Rogue plan to pursue a pro-active agenda with strategic partnerships with local, county, and state agencies benefiting our members and the communities with out draining valuable resources from the County and State. Our plans are to create sustainable employment opportunities, without the need of a casino for members and the communities through the building and staffing of our projects. As our history has proven, we will be here for our members and communities for support for generations to come." - CTLR
We are grateful for this opportunity to support this important campaign by donating today's retail revenue to CTLR. Please join us in honoring Indigenous Peoples' Day by sharing this story and enjoy 10% off your purchase with code SUPPORTCTLR through midnight, PST!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Equinox! Save 20% at Wild Rose!

Save 20% at Wild Rose's Equinox Sale!

Happy Equinox from Wild Rose! Celebrate with 20% off your entire order using code AUTUMN2015 through September 23rd!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Find Us Here: Foggy Notion in San Francisco, CA

Photo by Foggy Notion

With a focus on handmade, local and ethically crafted goods, Foggy Notion sets an unsurpassed standard of quality and taste. Bursting with recycled handbags, jewelry, art, home goods and an impressive skincare section, Foggy Notion has much to offer the conscious shopper.

Alissa Anderson - owner of Foggy Notion
Carefully curated by veteran indie designer Alissa Anderson, Foggy Notion also serves as a studio for her jewelry and recycled vinyl and leather goods. Alissa's many years in the handmade community have given her a keen eye for exceptional designers and artisans to include in Foggy Notion.

Foggy Notion's impressive collection of natural skincare and home goods. Photo by Foggy Notion.
Foggy Notion has been selling Wild Rose / Wild Man goods at their Richmond Plaza location since 2012. In addition to the store, Alissa frequents the Renegade Craft Fair, West Coast Craft and regularly participates in community events. Appearances are announced through their newsletter. For you long-distance admirers, Foggy Notion also maintains an expansive online store. If you live, work or play in the bay, do not pass up this beautiful store!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Seasonal Beard Conditioners Back In Stock!

Our best-selling Seasonal Beard Conditioner scents are back in stock just in time for beard season! These four festive scents will keep your beard growing thick, soft and clean through the cold months. Seasonal Beard Conditioners include:

Dark Roast Wild Man Beard Conditioner
Rich, fresh-brewed coffee with sweet undertones. We use organic coffee extract and coffee bean essential oil for a well-rounded caffeine kick for your beard.


Solstice Wild Man Beard Conditioner
Refreshing and cool with a warm, gentle spice. A calming balance of extremes, this complex oil has a little something for everyone.

Windfall Wild Man Beard Conditioner
Autumn-sweet apple with a deep, warming spice. We use certified organic, true-to-source apple extract for a genuine scent that is not overpowering. Just crisp, spiced apple for your Autumn-bearding enjoyment.


Yule Wild Man Beard Conditioner
The festive scent of an ancient conifer forest blended to pine perfection. We took the highest quality organic and wildcrafted evergreen essential oils to bring you the best, most balanced pine tree scent you will ever find. Commence merriment!

These scents are limited edition - so grab a sampler set or full size bottle while supplies last!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Introducing: Refresh - Stimulating Botanical Skin Care

Refresh Stimulating Skin Care Gift Set 

Say 'hello' to the newly expanded Refresh - Stimulating Botanical Skin Care line! Refresh is an aromatherapy-based system that supports glowing, nourished skin for all ages and skin types. Refresh combines stimulating Green Tea and Peppermint plus nutrient-dense organic Jasmine and Carrot for naturally radiant skin. All without chemicals or synthetic materials, this system is 100% plant-based. Refresh's aroma is invigorating and slightly sweet with a deep, earthy-floral Jasmine undertone.

Refresh Stimulating Botanical Cleanser

Refresh is recommended for tired, dull skin of all types. The powerful botanicals used in Refresh products may be irritating to some. This product is not recommended for those with very sensitive skin.

We're offering our four-pack gift sampler set - enough for about two months of daily use - for just $19.95! This set is the best way to try out the entire Refresh system before investing in a long-lasting full size bottle of your favorite formulas. The sampler set includes:

Refresh Stimulating Facial Cleanser (1oz amber glass bottle with pump)

Refresh Stimulating Facial Toner (1oz amber glass bottle with sprayer)

Refresh Stimulating Facial Serum (1/4oz amber glass vial with reducer)

Refresh Stimulating Facial Mask (1/4oz clear glass vial with cork)

Refresh Stimulating Botanical Toner

Pick up a sampler set today and get to know Refresh - the newest addition to the Wild Rose family!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Clearance Sale! Clarity and Attunement Skin Care Sets

Skin Care Clearance Sale

 We've got some big changes coming to our skin care line - but first, we're offering deep discounts on our remaining stock of Attunement and Clarity cleansers, toners and serums! Stock is very limited so head on over to our site for 50% off while supplies last.

And don't worry - our much-loved Attunement and Clarity formulas are staying practically the same, but they're getting a major packaging upgrade. Plus, we'll be expanding with a brand new skin care line! Check back soon for all the details.

Monday, August 3, 2015

From the Garden: Our Biointensive Brassica Bed

In our annual veggie garden, we incorporate a variety of permaculture methods to increase yields, reduce pests and maintain healthy soil. One such method is biointensive gardening, where a single garden bed is inhabited by a variety of compatible plants for maximum use of space. It has been our experience that plants grow better in a diverse bed rather than a monocrop, so we plant biointensive beds just about everywhere.

Baby broccoli in the early spring greenhouse

One such bed we call our "brassica bed" because the primary crop is range of brassicas - Kale, Cauliflower and Romanesco Broccoli (known as hippy broccoli on the ranch). We planted our brassicas in staggered rows, so that each plant is approximately 18"-24" from one another on a diagonal line.

Hippy Broccoli - Fall 2014

These brassicas grow upward, with most of their food value harvested from the "canopy" of the garden bed (imagine it's a tiny forest). This leaves plantable area below and just above ground. The gaps in between our brassicas were filled with low-growing lettuce and carrots (beets are technically a better companion, but we eat more carrots). So in the end, we will be harvesting food from the flowering tops of our brassicas (2'-3' above ground), the leaves and whole heads of our lettuce (about 1' above ground) and the roots of our carrots (up to 12" below ground). That's a lot of vertical growing area!

Now, we are admittedly very chaotic with our gardening habits. What little space that is left in beds is filled with scrambling peas, aromatic herbs and a ridiculous amount on Calendula (for use in Wild Rose formulas, of course). We combine biointensive gardening with lasagna gardening (no-till) plus whatever else sounds good and organic. Diversity is key!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Find us Here: Sub Rosa Mercantile in Denver, CO

Photo by Sub Rosa Mercantile

Sub Rosa Mercantile brings together small makers from across the country (and beyond!) to Denver's Sunnyside. One of those small makers is Wild Rose, and we are thrilled to be included on their lovely shelves!

Sub Rosa regularly stocks Wild Man Beard Care for all you rugged Coloradans (or is Coloradoans?)

 This is the kind of store that makes me consider moving just so I could shop there regularly. Luckily, Sub Rosa also has an online store where you can find most of their offerings, including comfy shirts of their badass logo!

Sub Rosa founder, Madeleine Zinn, chillin' with the buffalo via their Instagram.

Sub Rosa was founded in 2014 by Madeleine Zinn, a lady with an eye for contemporary handcrafted and generally awesome goods.
"Sub Rosa Mercantile is a modern take on the “bodeguita” or general store... Eschewing the ease of mass production in favor of small batch, handcrafted products, Sub Rosa Mercantile seeks to help support and promote the creativity of talented individuals."        - Read more from Sub Rosa
Sub Rosa Mercantile is the perfect blend of ethics and artistic taste, making this shop an ideal fit for Wild Rose's goods. Denver residents and visitors, be sure to check out this carefully curated shop!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Product Spotlight: Refresh Stimulating Facial Mask

Refresh Stimulating Facial Mask

Summer can be harsh on skin. High temperatures and hot air can really disturb the moisture balance of the face and it can be difficult to control once the cycle starts. If your normally well-behaved skin starts acting out with excessive oil, breakouts and redness during the heat, our Refresh Stimulating Facial Mask may be your key to happy Summer skin.

Refresh is a rejuvenating blend of toxin-drawing French Green clay, stimulating Gunpowder Green Tea and gently exfoliating organic Jasmine Petals. This dynamic base draws out excess dirt and oils, gently exfoliates to remove dry patches and stimulates skin to maintain that healthy Summer glow (sans oily redness).

Refresh is enhanced with organic essential oils of Peppermint, Lemon, Pacific Northwest Lavender and Carrot. This unique blend will invigorate tired skin and fill your bathroom with an energizing therapeutic aroma. Your skin will be left feeling cool, revitalized and ready for Summer fun!

This is a dry powder mask that you mix at home. This eliminates the need for nasty preservatives, allows you to mix the mask to your desired consistency and gives you at least double the product! In a small dish, combine 1 tsp mask with 1 tsp water. This will activate the essential oils, filling the air with a rich, botanical aroma. Apply to face and let dry for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water, gently rubbing to exfoliate. Use as needed depending on skin type, at least once a week.

Refresh may be irritating to some individuals so it is not recommended for those with very sensitive skin. As with any new product, use on an inconspicuous patch of skin to test for reactions before normal use.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Distilling Essential Oils with Wild Rose

When I first started learning aromatherapy, I dreamed of having my own still so that I could grow and harvest my own plants for essential oils. The most pure essential oils are steam distilled - a process which gently steams that plant material releasing the essential oil, then quickly condenses this steam giving you a generous amount of hydrosol and a very small amount of essential oil. Because of the reactive nature of essential oils, the only safe materials for constructing a still are copper, stainless steel or glass. For many years I have eyed the beautiful, 100% glass Heart Magic Distiller and I am ecstatic to say that I finally acquired one for use at Wild Rose!

Our various mint patches have been a little overwhelming this year. I needed to cut them back to prevent them from taking over, but I was reluctant to waste so much of this awesome plant (you can only dry so much for tea). This made it the perfect year to invest in a still. At Wild Rose we use a lot of Oregon-Grown Peppermint Essential Oil, and while it will be many years before we can supply our own, I thought this would be a good start.

Chocolate Mint slowly taking over the poppies.

My first distilling attempt was Apple Mint, a plant as delicious as it sounds. The sweet apple flavor of this mint cancels out any bitterness commonly found in the plant. It is incredibly refreshing as a tea and I could not wait to use it in the still.

Catnip is next!
Our Apple Mint was in full bloom and in the end I collected about 1/2oz of essential oil from about eight full distillations. Considering I have the smallest still with just a 2 Liter flask for plant material, I was pretty thrilled with the results! The Apple Mint Essential Oil is incredibly potent and much more long-lasting than other mints. It has an amazingly fresh scent that lingers on the skin for hours. I'm excited to incorporate Apple Mint and other artisan essential oils into future perfume blends for Wild Rose!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Save 20% at Wild Rose's Solstice Sale!

Solstice Sale

Happy Solstice! Celebrate the longest (or shortest) day of the year with 20% off your entire purchase using code SOLSTICE2015 at checkout. Valid through Monday, June 22nd!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Scents: Cove Beard Care

Cove Beard Wash

Our four classic Beard Conditioner scents -  The Original, Raven, Tundra and Cove - were formulated with the seasons in mind. As Summer looms, we take a closer look at our favorite warm-weather scent, Cove.

Cove Beard Conditioner

Cove captures the sweet and refreshing flavors of Summer. We start with a base of tart and juicy cold-pressed lime essential oil. We source our oil from certified organic lime growers who then press the lime peels to extract this magnificent, green oil. There is absolutely no heat applied during this process, so the freshness of the lime flavor is left fully intact. Lime is an optimistic and joyful scent, perfect for your Summer adventures.

Cove Beard Cream

Lime is an amazing scent all on its own, but it really shines with a complex pairing. A bit of earthy, grounding sage essential oil is included to help balance the bright scent of lime. Sage is a stimulating and thought-provoking scent that harnesses lime's positivity for fruitful mental work.  We finish Cove by adding just a bit of refreshing and cool tea tree. Tea tree is a powerful essential oil used to cleanse and purify the body and mind. Tea tree offers clarity with a fresh undertone, though it is very subtle in the overall blend.

Cove is available in Beard Conditioner, Beard Wash and Beard Cream. We like to pair it with Limeade or PiƱa Colada Lip Balm for full Summer flavor.

Cove Beard Care Gift Set

Cove is predominantly sweet lime accompanied by grounding sage and purifying tea tree. The perfect blend for Summer; Cove inspires us to use the optimism of the season wisely.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

From the Garden: Late Spring at the Wild Rose Homestead

Spring is in full swing at the Wild Rose Homestead. Here's a few scenes from the farm:

Our Rose bushes are covered in beautiful, bright blooms! We harvest just a portion of  these for our Attunement Balancing Facial Mask and Bloom Muscle Rub. The rest are left for the bees.

Our mixed flower/herb bed of poppies, mint, borage and calendula flourished every year. We also added a young apple tree that will one day offer shade.

We started the last of our veggie seeds including this beautiful Cassiopeia popcorn offered by Siskiyou Seeds. We'll be growing this in a traditional Three Sisters bed with winter squash and beans.

The greenhouse is packed full of veggies, flowers and herbs! We used the last of our excess jar boxes from Wild Rose to start sunflowers and hollyhocks.

An early June harvest of rose petals, calendula, mulberries, strawberries, cherries and red clover! Our array of veggies, fruits and herbs grow together harmoniously, improving the soil to produce more potent herbs for Wild Rose.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Celebrate Off the Map Tattoo's Third Anniversary!

Come celebrate with us tomorrow night at Off the Map Tattoo in downtown Grants Pass! This year marks Off the Map's third year in business in our town. We love the folks at OTM and are so happy to have them in our community. There will be loads of awesome raffle prizes, including two Wild Rose gift cards! The fun starts at 7pm. See you there!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Back in Stock: Full Size WIld Man Gift Sets

Wild Man Beard Gift Set

Full Size Wild Man Beard Gift Sets are back in stock! Our three most popular Wild Man beard care essentials in large, long-lasting bottles for the dedicated beard enthusiast. Wild Man Beard Conditioner, Beard Wash and Beard Cream are designed to work together for a naturally soft, thick and clean beard. Each highly concentrated product will last the average user 6-9 months or more.

This gift set is offered in four different scents, plus an unscented version. At $67.95, you'll save a few bucks off regular price!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Balms and Salves Get a Makover

Our botanical balms, salves and muscle rubs were given a major makeover! We've spent the past few months drawing and designing to update the look of these favorites. Plus, we've added a 4oz size of our Garden Carrot Hand Cream!

Most graphic elements of our labels start out as pen-and-ink drawings made by Ash. She then softly watercolors these drawings before working them into our digital label designs.

Our ever-popular Ink Balm and Ink Spray were also included in the update, complete with a swallow holding lavender buds!

Matching small jars in every color make these new labels easy to read and distinguish. Check them all out at

Monday, April 13, 2015

Recycle Wild Rose and Save 10%!

Recycle Wild Rose and get 10% off your next order! Instagram/Twitter friends:
1. Post a picture of your repurposed Wild Rose packaging (bottles, jars or shipping materials). Be sure that your profile is public so that we can find you.
2. Tag @wildroseherbs and hashtag #recyclewildrose
3. We'll send you a coupon code for 10% off! Friends elsewhere: please email your pictures to: info[at]

We take great care to not "over package" and to use packaging that can be reused or recycled. We'd love to see your creative ideas! Here's a Passion Romantic Bath jar being used as a candle holder on my bookshelf.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

From the Garden: March at the Wild Rose Homestead

Spring has arrived in Southern Oregon! Here's a few scenes from around the homestead over the past month.

This is our second full growing season on the property. The fruit tress we planted last year are looking marvelous - like this Asian Pear exploding in flowers! Maybe we'll get the first fruits this year?

We also planted two-year-old asparagus roots last year on the garden edges. We're starting to see some nice, thick stalks pop up, though we wont be eating any this year. We're patiently waiting for the plants to become well established. Next year we should have plenty to harvest.

Looks like these Calendula volunteers are giving us a hand with our goal of growing all of our own Calendula in 2015. When these babies bloom, they will be used to make our Calendula Extract for our Ink Spray Tattoo Aftercare as well as our Attunement and Clarity Cleansers.

We added more fruit trees this year, including this Puget Gold Apricot! We wont get fruit from this tree for several years, but the blossoms are a real treat!