Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Clearance Sale! Seasonal Beard Conditioners on Sale Now

WIld Man Seasonal Beard Conditioners

We're making room for some new products, so the last of our seasonal Beard Conditioners are on sale while supplies last! Save 40% on our 50ml bottles until they're gone. We have a few sampler sets left on sale, too! If you love these scents, now is the time to stock up. But do not fret, for these scents will return next Autumn!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Product Spotlight: Passion Romantic Bath Salts

Passion Romantic Bath Salts

Passion is an enchanting blend designed to promote relaxation and bliss for the body and mind.
The foundation of this soak is Pink Himalayan Salt - the finest, most pure salt available - packed with over 84 minerals and trace elements that are easily absorbed through the skin. A touch of Australian Red Clay boosts the mineral content of this soak for truly radiant and soft skin.

Passion Bath Salts

We finish by adding our unique, mood-enhancing aromatic blend, Passion: A softly sweet and floral mix of Mandarin and Bulgarian Rose with the intriguing spice of Cardamom. This organic aroma is sure to seduce the most restless of minds into a state of natural bliss. Ideal for sharing with your better half on Valentine's Day, or for a little self-care spa treat.