Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Introducing: Refresh - Stimulating Botanical Skin Care

Refresh Stimulating Skin Care Gift Set 

Say 'hello' to the newly expanded Refresh - Stimulating Botanical Skin Care line! Refresh is an aromatherapy-based system that supports glowing, nourished skin for all ages and skin types. Refresh combines stimulating Green Tea and Peppermint plus nutrient-dense organic Jasmine and Carrot for naturally radiant skin. All without chemicals or synthetic materials, this system is 100% plant-based. Refresh's aroma is invigorating and slightly sweet with a deep, earthy-floral Jasmine undertone.

Refresh Stimulating Botanical Cleanser

Refresh is recommended for tired, dull skin of all types. The powerful botanicals used in Refresh products may be irritating to some. This product is not recommended for those with very sensitive skin.

We're offering our four-pack gift sampler set - enough for about two months of daily use - for just $19.95! This set is the best way to try out the entire Refresh system before investing in a long-lasting full size bottle of your favorite formulas. The sampler set includes:

Refresh Stimulating Facial Cleanser (1oz amber glass bottle with pump)

Refresh Stimulating Facial Toner (1oz amber glass bottle with sprayer)

Refresh Stimulating Facial Serum (1/4oz amber glass vial with reducer)

Refresh Stimulating Facial Mask (1/4oz clear glass vial with cork)

Refresh Stimulating Botanical Toner

Pick up a sampler set today and get to know Refresh - the newest addition to the Wild Rose family!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Clearance Sale! Clarity and Attunement Skin Care Sets

Skin Care Clearance Sale

 We've got some big changes coming to our skin care line - but first, we're offering deep discounts on our remaining stock of Attunement and Clarity cleansers, toners and serums! Stock is very limited so head on over to our site for 50% off while supplies last.

And don't worry - our much-loved Attunement and Clarity formulas are staying practically the same, but they're getting a major packaging upgrade. Plus, we'll be expanding with a brand new skin care line! Check back soon for all the details.

Monday, August 3, 2015

From the Garden: Our Biointensive Brassica Bed

In our annual veggie garden, we incorporate a variety of permaculture methods to increase yields, reduce pests and maintain healthy soil. One such method is biointensive gardening, where a single garden bed is inhabited by a variety of compatible plants for maximum use of space. It has been our experience that plants grow better in a diverse bed rather than a monocrop, so we plant biointensive beds just about everywhere.

Baby broccoli in the early spring greenhouse

One such bed we call our "brassica bed" because the primary crop is range of brassicas - Kale, Cauliflower and Romanesco Broccoli (known as hippy broccoli on the ranch). We planted our brassicas in staggered rows, so that each plant is approximately 18"-24" from one another on a diagonal line.

Hippy Broccoli - Fall 2014

These brassicas grow upward, with most of their food value harvested from the "canopy" of the garden bed (imagine it's a tiny forest). This leaves plantable area below and just above ground. The gaps in between our brassicas were filled with low-growing lettuce and carrots (beets are technically a better companion, but we eat more carrots). So in the end, we will be harvesting food from the flowering tops of our brassicas (2'-3' above ground), the leaves and whole heads of our lettuce (about 1' above ground) and the roots of our carrots (up to 12" below ground). That's a lot of vertical growing area!

Now, we are admittedly very chaotic with our gardening habits. What little space that is left in beds is filled with scrambling peas, aromatic herbs and a ridiculous amount on Calendula (for use in Wild Rose formulas, of course). We combine biointensive gardening with lasagna gardening (no-till) plus whatever else sounds good and organic. Diversity is key!