Friday, April 11, 2014

Three New Botanical Lip Tints

Roseberry Lip Tint

In addition to our new lip balms, we've added three new botanical lip tints to our line! Our lip tints are crafted with herbal oil infusions and color-rich clays for naturally bold color.

Roseberry Lip Tint is naturally colored with Alkanet, Elderberry and Rosehip for a sheer reddish-pink reminiscent of rose petal jam. Sweet Organic Strawberry and softly floral Rose extracts give this lip tint a deliciously feminine flavor.

Pomegranate Lip Tint

Pomegranate Lip Tint is naturally colored with Australian Red Clay and organic herbs for a deep, intense red - one of our most vibrantly colored shades. Organic Pomegranate Extract gives this tint a subtly fruity flavor.

Mandarin Fig Lip Tint

Mandarin Fig Lip Tint is naturally colored with Australian Pink Clay and Alkanet root for a vibrant and deep pinkish-red. Sweet organic fig and tangy organic mandarin are added for a subtle, yet irresistible flavor. The clay in our Pomegranate and Mandarin Fig tints make a more vibrant, matte color compared to our other lip tints. This consistency is somewhere between a lip sheer and lipstick, giving you a natural, yet saturated lip color.

Made with a rich base of deeply hydrating Coconut Oil, softening Mango Butter and nourishing Rose Hip Seed Oil, these balms provide lasting moisture without being sticky or waxy. We never use micas, making our products safe for sensitive skin and entirely free of heavy metals and toxic additives.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Lip Balms for Summer & Spring!

Pear Blossom Lip Balm

Spring has arrived, along with four new lip balm flavors! Let's meet our new favorites:

In Southern Oregon, the harbinger of Spring is the pear blossom bloom - so we've captured this magical Springtime event in our new Pear Blossom Lip Balm! Sweet and slightly floral, a little Spring for your lips! Enhanced with juicy Organic Pear and Sweet Violet extracts for a delectable, unique lip treat.

Catnip Lip Balm

Our Catnip Lip Balm was inspired by our resident feline and catnip connoisseur - Rydley. Infused with pure Catnip Essential Oil for an herbacious, fresh and minty flavor. This lip balm is enhanced with extracts of stimulating Gunpowder Green Tea and strengthening Gotu Kola. May cause kitty snuggles. Catnip Lip Balm has a much higher rate of cat theft than any other lip balm - do not leave unattended with know thief-cats. If missing, check under the couch or refrigerator.

Rydley approves this message.

Pina Colada Lip Balm

For those of you who have an active countdown to beach days, we've concocted the most delicious Piña Colada Lip Balm you will ever find. Creamy Organic Coconut lip balm spiked with tangy-sweet Pineapple. A Summertime favorite made with organic, true-to-source fruit extracts for deliciously genuine Piña Colada flavor. It's no substitute for a vacation, but it might help you handle the wait.

Banana Bread Lip Balm

And finally, we haven't forgotten our friends in the Southern Hemisphere who are faced with Autumn and Winter. Banana Bread Lip Balm captures the flavor of your favorite comfort food for year-round enjoyment. This creamy lip balm is made with real Organic Banana Extract for a delicious, genuine flavor that no synthetic ingredient can beat! We added just a touch of Organic Walnut Extract for sweet banana bread perfection.